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This new device solves many problems a driver faces when driving into the low positioned sun, or driving at night, especially on a rainy day, facing blinding lights from oncoming traffic, or being blinded by the backwards facing outside rear view mirror.

By using this attachment, a driver can leave the existing visor of the automobile in its place to cover a bright sky or blindingly white clouds in front of the windshield, while using this new attachment visor for coverage on the side. It solves the problem of having to move the visor from front to side and back, as the automobile keeps changing direction and the sun moves back and forth between front and side.

As the attached visor has been moved to the side, it can also be rotated up or down, depending on the height of the sun from the side. It can be moved so far down as to cover the outside rear view mirror, which cannot be dimmed like the inside mirror, and can be blinding to the driver by careless drivers from the rear without dimming their lights from high to low beam.

The attachment visor can also be put into a vertical position on the left side of the windshield to eliminate glare at night from oncoming traffic, which would be especially useful in a rainy night, when every raindrop on the windshield outside of reach of the wiper blade acts like a tiny blinding lantern.

Drivers who are short enough to just barely being able to look over the steering wheel, will appreciate the possibility to use the attachment visor as a downward extension to the existing visor.