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With the main visor tilted down, slide the loosened loops of the attachment belts over it into the approximate desired position, making sure that the saddle pieces are positioned under the lower edge of the main visor, as shown in the illustration.

On the backside of the visor, pull hard on the hook type ends of the Velcro belts and press them down onto the loop type part of the belts, making sure that the saddle pieces remain in their intended position.

Install the supplied Velcro strip, with the transparent paper still in place on the sticky side, by pressing it crosswise (NOT lengthwise!) against the outer Velcro belt, about in the center of it. After removing the protective paper, tilt the attachment blade up into the storage position and press it against the Velcro strip. This will attach the strip permanently to the backside of the attachment blade in the proper position, preventing the blade from quivering when the car is in motion.

Rotating the attachment blade into any of the possible positions should be possible with enough friction between all hinge connections, without the blade sagging under it's own weight, even when driving on a rough road. Should this occur though, all friction points can be adjusted by tightening the indicated screws.